Lodging In Bay Area Houston Will Surprise You — Here’s Why


There are many ways to enjoy the great state of Texas. From its beautiful and wonderful farmland and country sides, all the way to the mesas, mountains, and coastlines, there are many different ways to enjoy the beautiful scenery this state offers. The coast near the gulf is some of the best waters to enjoy boating, fishing, strolls on the beach, and more. Wondering where you will stay during your trip? Lodging in Bay Area Houston will surprise you, and here is why.


  1. Camping


From camping to bed and breakfasts, there are many different ways to enjoy where you stay. There are many camp grounds where you can pitch a tent, build a fire, and enjoy the stars while spending time with your family and friends. Enjoy your stay in an RV park with all the hookups within close proximity to exciting destinations in Houston as well. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to “rough it.”


  1. Bed and breakfasts


Are you looking to spend some time with your wife, husband, or significant other? Lodging in Bay Area Houston will not disappoint if you are searching for bed and breakfasts. Enjoy staying at old ranch houses that have been converted to cozy country side rooms and suites or enjoy old fashioned cabins that provide you the isolation and privacy you desire. Want to double date? There are plenty of lodging B & B’s that allow for community kitchens and living spaces where each person can retire to their own quiet space after the festivities are over.


  1. Resorts

If your idea of camping sounds more like “glamping” then skip the camping and head towards luxury resorts. Many are located near the best destinations in the area and are near the ocean and famous boardwalks known for their mom and pop shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions.


Now that you are thoroughly surprised, book your stay near the area today.


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Three Fun Things To Do In Austin Texas With Out-of-Town Visitors


Entertaining guests from out of town can be a chore or it can be one of the most fun experiences. The hardest part is getting to know what your guests would enjoy and finding suitable activities to take them to. I have made this task easier with this guide on three fun things to do in Austin Texas with out-of-town visitors that will have any and all guests excited to return for future visits. Enjoy!


  1. Barton Springs


Barton Springs is one of the most popular attractions in Austin. It is an under ground natural spring fed pool with very cool water. The temperature fluctuates between 68 to 72 degrees depending on the time of year, but either way, many find the water immensely refreshing. On any given day, Barton Springs will draw hundreds of people creating long lines. Make sure to arrive early so you can spend the day enjoying the cool refreshing water.


  1. Stand Up Paddle Boarding


There are many places on Town Lake, the river that flows through the south side of downtown, that allow you to rent stand up paddle boards. Of course, purchasing them is always an option as well. With a stand up paddle board, you receive a board and a paddle in which you stand on and push yourself through the water. It requires some balance and strength but is nothing most people can’t handle. Soak in the sun, get some exercise, and enjoy the beautiful juxtaposition of the Austin skyline from it’s natural beauty vantage point.


  1. Day Trips and Tours


Austin is very close to many other adventures that are simply a hop, skip, and a jump away. Day trips to breweries, wineries, local businesses, and bed and breakfasts are just a some of the destinations many visitors enjoy each day and some of the many fun things to do in Austin, Texas.


Use this guide to plan your next fun adventure for your visiting guests!


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Three Ways to Discover Great Places To Eat Near Me Bay Area Houston


Everyone needs certain needs met during a fun vacation in order for the trip to be deemed a success. Many can agree that good lodging, fun activities, and great food are necessities but how do you figure out where you should eat when you are on a vacation or in a new city or part of town you are unfamiliar with? Here are three quick and simple tips to help you figure out places to eat near me bay area Houston.


  1. Wing it


Although this may not be the most popular tip or piece of advice, many people really enjoy adding more adventure to their lives by simply heading out for a vacation and figuring out all the mundane details as they go. This can make more an exciting time for those who are flexible with their diet but can be quite a nightmare if you are one the many who have particular eating habits or necessary dietary restrictions. Once you arrive at your destination, you can ask the hotel clerks for recommendations or even ask the locals while you are at a pub or saloon enjoying a drink or live music. In this way you can find hidden gems that are off the beaten path and get a more authentic feel for the place you are visiting.


  1. Use smart phone apps


Today everyone has a smart phone. We can do everything with them including search for suitable places to eat near bay area Houston using one of the thousands of food apps available. While you have arrived at your location you can use an app that gives you the proximity and location of restaurants and bars with food that are near you. You can fine tune the search to look for specifically what you are craving.


  1. Use online searching


Perhaps you are not at the destination yet. The internet can help you locate and plan out the restaurants you want to go to. Many websites will pop up by simply searching for the type of food and location you are desiring. You can browse menus online and make a list of the addresses for later use. Once you have arrived, you can even type the name of the places into the apps mentioned above and quickly get directions.


Searching for places to eat does not have to be difficult. With technology, everything is at your fingertips.


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5 Important Things To Know If You’re Fishing Near Houston


Fishing is one of the best ways to relax with a spouse, a son or daughter, or even a close friend and experience nature the old fashioned way. While fishing has changed much over the last decade, the basic essence of catching fish for food or sport has not. Although many would think fishing in Texas would be confined to rivers and lakes, the state actually has a big fishing industry and many opportunities to salt water fish in or by the sea. Here are 5 important things to know if you’re fishing near Houston.


  1. You will need a license


The Texas Parks and Wildlife department is in charge of enforcing rules and regulations in regards to fishing. If you plan on taking a trip or doing any kind of fishing in the state, you must make sure to purchase the proper license prior. Some fishing shops and boating marinas will have access to the database and will be able to issue you a license, however, unless you are certain of that it makes sense to purchase one online ahead of time.


  1. You can rent gear


Most professional fisherman and enthusiasts likely already have their favorite gear customized and purchased. If you are just beginning or are interested in taking your family fishing you do not need to purchase hundreds of dollars in expensive gear, you can simply rent. Rentals allows you the opportunity to try different types of fishing gear and lures and is much less expensive than purchasing your own gear in the short term.


  1. Fresh water vs salt water


Sometimes the gear you use will depend on what type of fishing you are doing. Fresh water is home to different types of fish than salt water and generally salt water fish require more robust lines and stronger rods due to the overall size difference in the fish. Salt water fish can become larger and weigh more than their fresh water counterparts. Also, using gear in salt water can become corrosive overtime unless it is rinsed and cleaned regularly.


  1. Boat rentals


When fishing near Houston especially the Bay Area Houston, there are many places you can go to rent boats for your next fishing trip. Clear Lake and Galveston Power Boats can offer speed boats perfect for larger fishing expeditions. Check out Bay Adventures Sport-fishing for boating and information regarding trophy fishing.


  1. Boat and breakfasts


After a day of fishing, there are many great seaside hotels to rest and relax in and if you are on a romantic fishing adventure with a spouse, try a boat and breakfast! Spend the night falling asleep to the rock of the sea and wake up to breakfast and coffee on the marina.


Make sure you are aware of these 5 things before you plan your next fishing trip.


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5 Fun Things To Do With Small Children On A Mountain Retreat

Ascent to the Prince Albert Refuge, Mont Blanc, Le Tour Chamonix France

Taking a fun trip up into a mountainous town is not only for couples on a romantic escape from the stresses of society, it is also suitable for small children whose minds are just beginning to blossom with curiosity at the natural wonders of the world. What better place to take them than to a beautiful natural landscape filled with a variety of activities to enjoy? Here are 5 fun things to do with small children on a mountain retreat.


  1. Picnics


There are many great trails that lead to wonderful and beautiful vistas in mountain towns. When you arrive in town, ask the locals for their favorite picnic spots, pack a bag full of delicious food, and enjoy a beautiful day.


  1. Dining

Take your child to a restaurant they will like during your next mountain retreat. There are many types of restaurants suitable for children in a town. Pizzerias are especially popular as well as cafes filled with classic American food.


  1. Geo-Caching


Geo caching is the modern day scavenger hunt. It entails using a GPS locator to track down a trinket or treasure hidden away in trails. Take your child geo-caching and enjoy scenic trails while hunting for treasure.


  1. Horseback riding


Not all horseback riding has to be like a scene from wild wild west. Your child will love a supervised horseback riding tour. There are many places where you can book a short hike up and down the mountain by horseback. If you find that your child loves it, return the next day for a longer trip. Who knows, maybe you will raise the next Kentucky Derby jockey!?


  1. Shopping


Whether window shopping or real shopping, there are many interesting things to see at Mom and Pop shops around mountain towns. Your child will love searching for the perfect souvenir to remember their time with the family.


As you can see, there are plenty of things to do during your next vacation.


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5 Tips To Help You Find and Book the Perfect Hotel Suite in Fredericksburg



Looking for the perfect lodging for your vacation or weekend escape can sometimes create more stress than its meant to alleviate. Don’t fret over the ins and outs of trying to book lodging for your trip. Use this guide to get your reservations completed easily. In no time you’ll be hearing the words, “welcome to hotel suite Fredericksburg!”



  1. Decide on a time frame


Before you can find and book anything you will need to figure out what week or weekend you are free. Make sure you talk to anyone else who you are traveling with to make sure you don’t have to cancel plans and rebook.


  1. Choose the amenities you want


Some people cant live without their favorite amenities. Want a cozy soft bed or a firmer mattress? Do you need to have breakfast and an endless supply of coffee in the mornings to function? Decide what would make you feel the most comfortable and begin your search from there.


  1. What type of lodging do you want?


Is this a romantic getaway for two or are you traveling with friends as a double date? There are hotel suite Fredericksburg, bed and breakfasts and cabins to choose from. You can begin to narrow down your search by selecting the type of lodging you’d prefer.


  1. What do you want to be closest to?


There are many things to do in the town of Fredericksburg. Wine tasting, dinning, touring wineries, live music, craft stores, etc. If you have a particular passion for one or the other and don’t feel like dealing with driving logistics, select lodging that is close to where you want to be.


  1. Book ahead of time


As always, book ahead of time. Texas towns fill up fast during the holidays and springtime. Make sure you book your reservations right away.



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5 Ideas for Great Selfies and Pro Photography Opps During Your Mountain Town Vacation


If you are like most people in the westernized world today, you likely have a social media account that you keep fairly active. For some, having an awesome social media presence is part of their job and helps with career and networking opportunities. Others simply enjoy documenting their life’s experiences. Either way, taking a great selfie is a basic skill one should learn. Here are 5 ideas for great selfies and pro photography opps during your mountain town vacation.


  1. Use phone cameras during the day


While there have been some improvements in the shutter speeds of most cellphone cameras, overall they cannot snap great pictures in low light. If you are going to be using a phone camera to simply document your vacation make sure you take a majority of the pictures during the day to maximize how vivid and clear the photos turn out.


  1. Use filters appropriately


Not every shot needs a fancy filter. The art of photography is about capturing a great moment and framing correctly. Simply using a filter will not correct or make up for less than desirable composition. Make sure you capture the feel of the moment and the filters will enhance.


  1. To selfie stick, or not?


Many people love their selfie sticks. For those with strong camera skills, a selfie stick is the ultimate dedication to photographic independence. However, asking a stranger or a friend and family member to take a picture for you is still likely a more consistent way to get great pics.


  1. Use semi-pro or pro cameras


The best cameras cost a bit more cash, however they can deliver significantly better photographs. Great digital cameras have better optics for real optical zoom and can focus with surgical precision. The results can be breathtaking with right tools and know-how.


  1. Hire a professional


For the ultimate photo opps during your mountain town vacation, hire a professional. If you are serious about capturing your moments with high quality photographs, invite along a professional photographer or pay one to document you for a day. Who says photographs are only worth paying for during weddings?


Use these tips to take the best photos during your vacation.


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