5 Important Things To Know If You’re Fishing Near Houston


Fishing is one of the best ways to relax with a spouse, a son or daughter, or even a close friend and experience nature the old fashioned way. While fishing has changed much over the last decade, the basic essence of catching fish for food or sport has not. Although many would think fishing in Texas would be confined to rivers and lakes, the state actually has a big fishing industry and many opportunities to salt water fish in or by the sea. Here are 5 important things to know if you’re fishing near Houston.


  1. You will need a license


The Texas Parks and Wildlife department is in charge of enforcing rules and regulations in regards to fishing. If you plan on taking a trip or doing any kind of fishing in the state, you must make sure to purchase the proper license prior. Some fishing shops and boating marinas will have access to the database and will be able to issue you a license, however, unless you are certain of that it makes sense to purchase one online ahead of time.


  1. You can rent gear


Most professional fisherman and enthusiasts likely already have their favorite gear customized and purchased. If you are just beginning or are interested in taking your family fishing you do not need to purchase hundreds of dollars in expensive gear, you can simply rent. Rentals allows you the opportunity to try different types of fishing gear and lures and is much less expensive than purchasing your own gear in the short term.


  1. Fresh water vs salt water


Sometimes the gear you use will depend on what type of fishing you are doing. Fresh water is home to different types of fish than salt water and generally salt water fish require more robust lines and stronger rods due to the overall size difference in the fish. Salt water fish can become larger and weigh more than their fresh water counterparts. Also, using gear in salt water can become corrosive overtime unless it is rinsed and cleaned regularly.


  1. Boat rentals


When fishing near Houston especially the Bay Area Houston, there are many places you can go to rent boats for your next fishing trip. Clear Lake and Galveston Power Boats can offer speed boats perfect for larger fishing expeditions. Check out Bay Adventures Sport-fishing for boating and information regarding trophy fishing.


  1. Boat and breakfasts


After a day of fishing, there are many great seaside hotels to rest and relax in and if you are on a romantic fishing adventure with a spouse, try a boat and breakfast! Spend the night falling asleep to the rock of the sea and wake up to breakfast and coffee on the marina.


Make sure you are aware of these 5 things before you plan your next fishing trip.


To learn more about fishing near Houston, go to VisitBayAreaHouston.com.




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