5 Fun Things To Do With Small Children On A Mountain Retreat

Ascent to the Prince Albert Refuge, Mont Blanc, Le Tour Chamonix France

Taking a fun trip up into a mountainous town is not only for couples on a romantic escape from the stresses of society, it is also suitable for small children whose minds are just beginning to blossom with curiosity at the natural wonders of the world. What better place to take them than to a beautiful natural landscape filled with a variety of activities to enjoy? Here are 5 fun things to do with small children on a mountain retreat.


  1. Picnics


There are many great trails that lead to wonderful and beautiful vistas in mountain towns. When you arrive in town, ask the locals for their favorite picnic spots, pack a bag full of delicious food, and enjoy a beautiful day.


  1. Dining

Take your child to a restaurant they will like during your next mountain retreat. There are many types of restaurants suitable for children in a town. Pizzerias are especially popular as well as cafes filled with classic American food.


  1. Geo-Caching


Geo caching is the modern day scavenger hunt. It entails using a GPS locator to track down a trinket or treasure hidden away in trails. Take your child geo-caching and enjoy scenic trails while hunting for treasure.


  1. Horseback riding


Not all horseback riding has to be like a scene from wild wild west. Your child will love a supervised horseback riding tour. There are many places where you can book a short hike up and down the mountain by horseback. If you find that your child loves it, return the next day for a longer trip. Who knows, maybe you will raise the next Kentucky Derby jockey!?


  1. Shopping


Whether window shopping or real shopping, there are many interesting things to see at Mom and Pop shops around mountain towns. Your child will love searching for the perfect souvenir to remember their time with the family.


As you can see, there are plenty of things to do during your next vacation.


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