5 Ideas for Great Selfies and Pro Photography Opps During Your Mountain Town Vacation


If you are like most people in the westernized world today, you likely have a social media account that you keep fairly active. For some, having an awesome social media presence is part of their job and helps with career and networking opportunities. Others simply enjoy documenting their life’s experiences. Either way, taking a great selfie is a basic skill one should learn. Here are 5 ideas for great selfies and pro photography opps during your mountain town vacation.


  1. Use phone cameras during the day


While there have been some improvements in the shutter speeds of most cellphone cameras, overall they cannot snap great pictures in low light. If you are going to be using a phone camera to simply document your vacation make sure you take a majority of the pictures during the day to maximize how vivid and clear the photos turn out.


  1. Use filters appropriately


Not every shot needs a fancy filter. The art of photography is about capturing a great moment and framing correctly. Simply using a filter will not correct or make up for less than desirable composition. Make sure you capture the feel of the moment and the filters will enhance.


  1. To selfie stick, or not?


Many people love their selfie sticks. For those with strong camera skills, a selfie stick is the ultimate dedication to photographic independence. However, asking a stranger or a friend and family member to take a picture for you is still likely a more consistent way to get great pics.


  1. Use semi-pro or pro cameras


The best cameras cost a bit more cash, however they can deliver significantly better photographs. Great digital cameras have better optics for real optical zoom and can focus with surgical precision. The results can be breathtaking with right tools and know-how.


  1. Hire a professional


For the ultimate photo opps during your mountain town vacation, hire a professional. If you are serious about capturing your moments with high quality photographs, invite along a professional photographer or pay one to document you for a day. Who says photographs are only worth paying for during weddings?


Use these tips to take the best photos during your vacation.


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