5 Holiday Events In Washington County, Texas You Won’t Want To Miss


Texas is a great place to live, to work, and to play. Not only is the state filled with beautiful landscapes, various terrain, bustling cities, and serene peaceful farmland, but it is also filled with events. Musical festivals and holiday events not only take place in the state’s capitol, but they occur all over the state. Whether you are into antique shows, gun shows, fairs, parades, or historical events, you can find exactly what you are looking for. Here are 5 holiday events in Washington County, Texas that you will not want to miss.


  1. Brenham Antique Shows


The antique shows in Texas are a huge draw for collectors and antique aficionados alike. They typically take place twice a year in Roundtop and bring customers and event planners from many towns surrounding the area. The show has grown in its popularity and many other festivals now precede it, creating weeks of activities leading up to the actual antique show.


  1. Brenham Friendship Quilt Guild Show


If you are a fan of arts and crafts, specifically quilting, then you will love the friendship quilt guild shows. These shows takes place in February and bring together quilters from all over. Quilts are shown and displayed, expert craftsmen and women gather to discuss their techniques and other quilt making concepts as well as give classes on the subject.


  1. Texas Independence Day Celebration


Celebrating the Texas declaration of independence from Mexico, the celebration takes place over two days in March. Historical plays, re-enactments of historical events, and real life encampments complete with live music, food, and traditional crafts, simulate the lives of Texans in 1836. A must for history buffs.


  1. Bluebonnet Festival


Every spring in Texas the bluebonnets bloom ushering in the beginning of hotter summer days. Celebrate the change of seasons with Chappell Hill’s Blue Bonnet Festival.


  1. Juneteenth Celebration


Texans celebrate this holiday in Washington County, Texas which commemorates the end of slavery in Texas with a festival filled with live music, crafts, food, and more.


If you want to have fun during Texas holidays, look no further than these events.

To learn more about Washington County Texas, go to VisitBrenhamTexas.com.



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