The First Time RVers Guide to RV Parks in Bay Area Houston

The First Time RVers Guide to RV Parks in Bay Area Houston

Many tourists come from other parts of Texas or from out of state to enjoy the many different scenic landscapes this state has to offer. Going on camping trips now and again is simply not sufficient to make a dent in all the locations you can visit. If you really want to get serious about exploring, traveling in an RV is the way to go. But where should you stay if you are road tripping with one? Here is the first time RVers guide to RV parks in Bay Area Houston.

  1. Green Caye RV Park

Located in the quiet and quaint town of Dickinson, TX between Houston and Galveston, Green Caye Park makes it easy to stay at a quality spot close to many attractions in the surrounding area. Close to hiking, nature trails, fishing, and golf, you won’t need to go far to find some relaxation in between your adventure travels to the neighboring tourist hot spots.

  1. Safari RV Park

Also in the Houston and Galveston area, for over 30 years this RV park has turned into a tight knit community. Complete with laundry centers, a pool, a recreation area, and paved roads to take you wherever you need to go smoothly, this park has everything you need. Set up easily and plan the rest of your trip with all the basic comforts you need to feel right at home from the get go.

  1. Bay RV Park

This RV Park Bay Area Houston is located right smack in the middle of all the action. It is located right next to the marina full of fishing and boating as well as close to the Kemah Boardwalk where you will find all the amusement and dining you need for romantic evenings with your spouse of fun for the whole family.

Check out these spots the next time you are going to plan an RV roadtrip.

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Three Questions To Ask When Looking For Lodging

Three Questions To Ask When Looking For Lodging

Are you finding yourself in a new destination and now have some issues arising with your hotels? The knowledge that you have a place to stay that is comfortable and cozy causes the entire trip to be that much more entertaining and relaxing. Regardless, sometimes issues arise and you need to know three questions to ask when looking for lodging.


  1. Did you search online?


Hopping online and doing a search for lodging can usually yield some promising results. Most results will yield large corporate hotel chains that vary greatly in quality. You are more likely to find better deals by skipping a few pages and looking at the local results that come through. Downloading an app on your phone or tablet is a good resource too. You can often do a location sweep and find good options within a specified radius of your current location.


  1. Did you try a travel website?


Top travel sites that can help you book flights, find hotel packages near the city or airport you will be near, or help with discounts at restaurants and car rental chains. These sites can sometimes find you specials at hotels that may not ordinarily be advertised directly- so they are always worth a try.


  1. Are there bed and breakfasts?


There is a reason why the locals prefer to stay at and support their bed and breakfast spots that are locally owned and operated. They often provide some of the best lodging as well as comfortable amenities to make you feel at ease. Most will provide a delicious home-cooked breakfast in the morning and offer spots to grill, relax by a fire pit, swim, or hot tub with friends. As an added bonus, the rooms are usually designed to be extra comfortable and are especially perfect for romantic get-aways and honeymoon stays.


Use these tips the next time you are searching for a place to stay.


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Three Texas Getaways Every Texan Should Take

Three Texas Getaways Every Texan Should Take

It is important to get out of old routines now and again. It can become frustrating to feel pinned down because of work, family obligations, or financial reasons. With a local escape, even those who can’t afford to travel far, either due to time or resources, can find ways to adventure travel within the state of Texas. There is no excuse for not getting out there and enjoying yourself! Here are three Texas getaways every Texan should take.


  1. Wine touring


You don’t have to be a wine fanatic to enjoy an escape into the Hill Country to engage in some deliciously fun wine touring. There are many great wineries in Texas and especially in Hill Country. These wineries usually offer tours of their grape fields, production facilities, as well as offer wine tasting in beautiful indoor spaces or on patios or balconies that overlook amazing natural landscapes.


  1. Bed and Breakfast


Whether you love cozying up in a cabin or cottage with your lover and enjoying some quality time together, or glamping (glamour camping) in a more luxurious form of lodging, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for in Texas. The small towns have their arms wide open for visitors who want a Texas getaways and enjoy the peace the countryside provides.


  1. Antique shopping and shows


During certain times, there are festivals, parades, and various antique shows. Many people, locals and otherwise, pour into towns such as Brenham to take part in large antique shows. Find some decorations for your home, restore old desks and other classic furniture, or simply enjoy the festivities of the town as it celebrates bringing people together for fun shows and events.


Don’t procrastinate on taking your adventure, pick a weekend and go explore all that Texas has to offer.


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The First Timer’s Guide To Shopping In Bay Area Houston

The First Timer’s Guide To Shopping In Bay Area Houston

Texas has a large and booming tourism industry thanks to the size of the state and all the various landscapes within it. From rolling hills, flatlands, to beautiful costal shorelines, Texas has many fun destinations to visit from out of state visitors and local residence. If you’re the type who loves to shop on vacation and bring back souvenirs for everyone, you’re in luck. Here is the first timers guide to shopping Bay Area Houston.

  1. Space Center

Located centrally and close to all other attractions, the space center is sure to be a hit, not only among those who love space and space exploration. The Houston Space Center is a wonderful place to bring your science minded friends/family and children alike. Not only does it provide a respite from a typical hot and humid Texas day, but it is full of attractions and events that are often perfect for first time and regular visitors. Stop by the gift shop on your way out to find unique souvenirs as gifts or mementos.

  1. Kemah Boardwalk

Open each day and full of people enjoying romantic strolls with their spouses and/or children, the Kemah boardwalk is a great destination to visit. There are the boardwalk beast boat tours, stingray reef, and many other events to take part in. Catch a band for a night of dancing, or go shopping Bay Area Houston at some of the local shops.

  1. Restaurants

Remember your vacation with glasses, coasters, or other merchandise you can purchase at many of the great water front restaurants in the area. If you are shopping for memorable gifts, don’t forget to check out some of the many popular tourist restaurants in the area.  Enjoy a wonderful lunch or dinner and get your shopping done- all at once!

Use this guide to help you get all your vacation shopping done with ease.

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The Secret To Finding Perfect Lodging In Bay Area Houston Can Be Found Here

The Secret To Finding Perfect Lodging In Bay Area Houston Can Be Found Here

Deciding on a place to stay can be one of the most crucial decisions of planning a fun and relaxing get-away escape. Everything can be just right, but if your hotel or bed and breakfast is cramped, creepy, or filled with inattentive staff- you’re in for a rough time. Don’t make this mistake! Finding the perfect solution is easy if you follow some helpful rules. The secret to finding perfect lodging in Bay Area Houston can be found here.


  1. Decide on the activities ahead of time.


You can make your entire trip and vacation much more enjoyable by making sure you don’t have to trek long distances to get to all the fun and interesting destinations you are wanting to visit. Taking a look at the various lodging in Bay Area Houston ahead of time can provide you with an idea of where you’d prefer to be situated. This makes getting to your favorite spots just a hop skip and a jump away.


  1. Decide on the style of your lodging.


This can often go overlooked. If you are heading out on a romantic weekend trip and arrive at your room only to find it is cozy yet gaudy and decorated in a less than romance-inspiring way, it may not bode well for the rest of the trip. Many bed and breakfasts have themed rooms that can match up with the overall theme of your trip. Are you just married? Select a bridal themed room? Are you into camping and rustic settings? Select a room that has a log cabin in the woods feel!


  1. Book ahead of time.


You don’t want to wait until the last minute to book your rooms for a trip. This can lead to higher than average pricing or an inability to select the options you desire and need- such as the themed rooms. Take time and plan out your trip and make sure to book everything in advance so you receive the best pricing, options, and can breathe knowing everything is taken care of.


Follow these tips the next time you are searching for a place to stay on your next trip.


To learn more about lodging Bay Area Houston, check out Visit Bay Area Houston on the web.

Five Steps To A Great Reunion

Five Steps To A Great Reunion


Setting up a reunion for friends, family, high schools, or work can be a daunting task if you have never set one up before. Not only do you have to book a venue to host it in, but you also have to manage travel and lodging logistics for all the people involved! Once you are aware of the issues involved, it is no wonder not many people look forward to them at all. Here are five steps to a great reunion.


  1. Decide who is going


You want your reunion to go well. In most cases, this means selecting the groups of people you know are more likely to come in the first place and will get along great. If you are doing this for family or work, however, you may not have many options on choosing who you are able to invite.


  1. Pick a location


Deciding on a location can be the hardest part. Everyone has their own lives, expenses, schedules, and conflicts. Trying to find a location that appeases everyone who will be attending takes effort and communication- but it can be done!


  1. Select a date


All the hassles in picking a location are also present when you are deciding upon a date. To simplify this feat, you may want to send out a survey to all members involved with a selection of date options and see which ones are voted as best. Once you have that information you can work on selecting the right venue.



  1. Pick a venue


Once you find the location, you need to decide on a suitable venue and figuring out the services you will need. Will there be catering and a dj? Do you need a personalized cake made? These are all things you should think about when selecting a venue.


  1. Select great lodging


You want your reunion members to be comfortable after they have traveled and taken time out of their schedule to join. Make sure they feel comfortable by selecting a hotel that will take care of their needs and leave them feeling relaxed after the event.


Use these tips to make sure you have a great celebration!


To learn more about setting up a reunion, visit Fredericksburg-Inn.


What Hotel Owners Know About Choosing Accommodations — And You Should Too

What Hotel Owners Know About Choosing Accommodations — And You Should Too

Hotel owners have learned the ins and outs of how customers choose their lodging when they decide to go on vacations, with or without the family. They must be experts to run a successful business or else they wouldn’t stay in business very long. However, customers have a lot to loose as well. They can have bad experiences, waste money, or find themselves in some very un-relaxing situations if they don’t choose wisely. Here are what hotel owners know about choosing accommodations that you should too.


  1. It is all about timing.


Deciding when to go on vacation in the first place is very important. Depending on the destination, you can find yourself barely at your hotel at all, or stranded inside due to inclement weather. The timing of your trip can also coincide with high tourism or low tourism. During peak times prices will be higher, events will be more crowded, and your normally friendly staff will be stressed and worn out.


  1. The size of your hotel.


If you are taking a trip with your family, even if you are only going with your significant other, you may desire more space accommodations than you expected. Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination and realizing the space is much smaller than you anticipated. Sometimes this can be corrected with a simple upgrade. However, during peak times as mentioned above, this many not be a possibility and you may have to make do with what you get. Crowded families or even cramped couples in a small room do not make for a relaxing time.


  1. Roughing it or fancy?


Depending on the vibe of your trip you make desire a hotel that is more rustic and bare bones. Something that gives you the feel of camping or roughing it out in the country side. Others may prefer to live it up with plenty of amenities and many of the comforts from home at their disposal. A little planning and research goes a long way towards making sure you get exactly what you need before booking your room.


Use these three tips to ensure your vacation is a complete success!
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Texas Tourism is Booming — This Is Why

texas tourism

Tourism is a multi-billion-dollar industry domestically and an over trillion-dollar industry world wide. With all the many locations and destinations to travel to, one wouldn’t stop to recognize the great state of Texas having such a large tourism industry- but it does! With many different forms of scenic landscapes, from ocean beaches to rustic rolling hills, Texas has something for everyone. Texas tourism is booming, and here are some reasons why.


  1. Texas Wineries


You wouldn’t commonly associate the Texas landscapes with high quality wines, but the state is full of beautiful wineries putting out a variety of products to reflect the unique climate that creates notably distinct flavors. Many weekenders travel to small towns from the larger metropolitan areas to visit various wineries, participate in the wine tours and tasting festivals, as well as take in the scenic views and vistas while wine tasting on balconies and overlooks.


  1. Country Comforts


Forget the worries of every day life and enjoy some country hospitality in the peace and quiet of beautiful Texan countryside. In many small towns, there are wonderful Mom and Pop shops to stop into for homemade goods, crafts, and souvenirs. If down home cooking is our thing, choose from a variety of restaurants that will have you eating like the locals do. You can’t go wrong with Texas tourism and homemade country food!


  1. Rest and Relaxation


If you are looking to escape for the weekend, check out the many different bed and breakfast options that are available. From ranch style homes, cottages, and even Teepees, to cabins or luxurious service on a mansion on an old plantation, there is something for everyone. Feel free to take in all that Texas has to offer while enjoying the hospitality Texans are known for.


The next time you need a weekend escape, consider these options in Texas.


To learn more about Texas tourism, check out Brenham, Texas.


Lodging In Bay Area Houston Will Surprise You — Here’s Why


There are many ways to enjoy the great state of Texas. From its beautiful and wonderful farmland and country sides, all the way to the mesas, mountains, and coastlines, there are many different ways to enjoy the beautiful scenery this state offers. The coast near the gulf is some of the best waters to enjoy boating, fishing, strolls on the beach, and more. Wondering where you will stay during your trip? Lodging in Bay Area Houston will surprise you, and here is why.


  1. Camping


From camping to bed and breakfasts, there are many different ways to enjoy where you stay. There are many camp grounds where you can pitch a tent, build a fire, and enjoy the stars while spending time with your family and friends. Enjoy your stay in an RV park with all the hookups within close proximity to exciting destinations in Houston as well. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to “rough it.”


  1. Bed and breakfasts


Are you looking to spend some time with your wife, husband, or significant other? Lodging in Bay Area Houston will not disappoint if you are searching for bed and breakfasts. Enjoy staying at old ranch houses that have been converted to cozy country side rooms and suites or enjoy old fashioned cabins that provide you the isolation and privacy you desire. Want to double date? There are plenty of lodging B & B’s that allow for community kitchens and living spaces where each person can retire to their own quiet space after the festivities are over.


  1. Resorts

If your idea of camping sounds more like “glamping” then skip the camping and head towards luxury resorts. Many are located near the best destinations in the area and are near the ocean and famous boardwalks known for their mom and pop shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions.


Now that you are thoroughly surprised, book your stay near the area today.


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